What are the procedures for the various development to webshop orders?

a) Customer decides to cancel the order?

  • Management‘s decision will be made depending on the reasons or explanation given by the customers
  • An option for the refund can be given in the form of credit dollars for future purchases. However, we will consult with the customer on the final preferences

b) Customer decides to change or upgrade the model of the chair?

  • SSC Order Services will advise the difference in prices and provide customer with the company‘s bank details to remit the additional payment to secure the order

c) Customer didn‘t want to pay surcharges?

  • SSC Order Services, on receipt of customer‘s decision on email, will seek direction from the management to waive off the surcharge or cancel the order
  • Management will either approve to cancel the order or advise SSC Order Services to proceed to process the order, on exceptional ground

d) Customer requested to deliver order to different country?

  • Selling prices will be worked out for customer based on supply and deliver the products to the requested destination
  • This intention must be made known by the customer at the time of ordering and prior to payment
How do Finance track additional payment from the customer into the company‘s bank account to advise CustOps to proceed with delivery?

a) Finance will check the receipt of the amount based on the payment advice/receipt shared by the customer with the Haworth bank account

b) It usually takes about two or more working days for the remittance to be reflected in Haworth‘s bank account

c) Once the fund is confirmed credited in the bank account, SSC Order Services will be notified to place order for the parts/ products in Swing 

Does Haworth allow return of product after delivery and being used for a few days/weeks?

a) Haworth‘s T&C doesn‘t provide for return policy after orders are delivered

b) Exception will be given with the approval of the management

c) If return is approved by management, freight cost to return the product will be borne by the customer

Does Haworth allow 1 to 1 exchange for defective product?

a) Haworth‘s warranty policy applies. However management will decide on 1 to 1 exchange if need to

How do customer purchase service parts and who should be contacted?

a) Customer can send an email directly to the Shopping@haworth.com for inquiry

How and where can customer get the product technical details?

a) Customer can send an email directly to the Shopping@haworth.com for inquiry

b) Otherwise reference can be made to the technical documents posted on the webshop

How much are the shipping costs?

a) Shipping costs are included in the pricing across the entire product range for delivery within the limit of metro cities

b) Additional surcharge will apply for delivery outside metro cities within the market

How long does delivery take?

a) The delivery time is shown for each product on the webshop

Attention: Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the shipping service provider may experience delay

What payment methods are available?

a) We currently offer payment via the standardized PayPal and Stripe service for India market

  • PayPal – Paypal credit + More Paypal payment options (for most markets)
  • Stripe – Comfortable credit card payment (for India)
Is the shop secure? Is my data protected?

a) Data in the shop are well secured in every respect. You can also learn more about the level of security in our privacy policy

What happens after ordering?

a) On receipt of your order, we will confirm receipt of payment + shipping address and start preparing the products to fulfill your order

b) Our Customer Service will contact you in due course to schedule a convenient date and time to deliver the order

Will I receive an invoice for my order?

a) Our invoice will be sent to your email for your reference

Please do not be confused if you receive the invoice from another email address, it will be sent automatically from our ERP system.

Why do you want to know my country and address of residence?

a) This information will enable us to plan in appropriate logistical support to service your order

b) You will also know early in the ordering process if your location is within the metro city and there is any surcharge on delivery cost