How much are the shipping costs?

Shipping is free of charge across the entire product range.

How long does delivery take?
The delivery time is shown on the respective product.
Attention: Due to the Corona crisis, the shipping service provider may experience delays.
What payment methods are available?
We currently offer payment via the standardized PayPal and Stripe service.
PayPal – PayPal credit + More PayPal payment options
Stripe – Comfortable credit card payment
Is the shop secure? Are my data protected?
The shop has the most modern standards and is secured in every respect.
You can also find out more in our privacy policy
What happens after ordering?
After ordering, we check the receipt of payment + shipping address and then decide whether we can carry out the order.
When we carry out the order, your goods will be packed properly and handed over to the service provider, who will deliver your goods safely to the place of delivery.
You will always be informed about the individual steps by email.
Did I receive an invoice for my order?


Please do not be confused if you receive the invoice from another email address.
The invoice is automatically sent from our ERP system. In the invoice you will see all order details + amounts.

Why did you want to know my country for a form?

We have different customer services across our international sector.

To route it directly to the correct ones, please just choose the country where you come from.