ISO 14001 certified


HQ LEED NC Gold certified


1st in industry for zero-waste manufacturing & headquarters


Launched banned chemical commitment


1st in industry to launch zero-waste digital knit


Launched 100% recycled Oceanic fabric

We believe in action.

To us, sustainability is a verb. It’s about doing what we say we will—and it’s part of our work and company culture every day.

1426.7 tons

of material diverted from landfills in 2020

The first in our industry

To achieve zero-waste manufacturing & headquarters

A chair designed to be re-upholstered (and live many lives).
A chair designed to be re-upholstered (and live many lives).

We’ve earned Zero Waste to Landfill status.

That means our North American operations have sent zero waste to landfill since 2009. Same goes for our global operations since 2012.

We’ve invested over $1 million each year in zero-waste efforts. And we recycle waste materials from manufacturing—things like metal, wood, plastic, fabric, cardboard, office waste, and food.

At our zero-waste headquarters in Holland, Michigan, employees recycle or compost all waste, whether it’s sticky notes from meetings or leftovers from lunch. In 2020, more than 97% of generated waste was recycled.

A humble beginning. The coziest end.

So, how do plastic bottles from the sea transform into soft, cozy upholstery for seating? Through a six-step process that keeps quality a top priority.

Bottles collected by fishermen

Bottles washed, sanitized and shredded

Plastic made into small chips

Chips made into textured yarn

Yarn woven into fabric

Fabric dyed